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Terry and I are working on new gift sets that will match the bags.
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Rita's Handbags will be celebrating our 30th year.  Our main objective has been to produce products for the everyday working woman. Making bags and accessories that is affordable and durable. All are our own designs, using our own patterns. We produce more than what is seen on this site. If you want something specific call us and let us help.

There are the tapestry accessories.   The glass case will hold up to 2 pairs of glasses. The double change purse is one our most popular accessories. With the 2 divided pockets you can  separate your cash from your change or your credit cards fit very nicely in this purse. We also do a single change purse and a  denim makeup bag.

This year we developed a line of cell phone/glass case zipper bags.  I see so many people walking around with their phones in their hands and I thought we need some way to carry our phones and be able to get to them when we get an important text or call. One  will hold the phone and sunglasses too. We have been making cell phone holders for years. I just keep making them bigger, now this will hold any size phone.  One will have just the top zipper opening, another will have a tall pocket on the front and the back. It will hold those phones that have the rubber case. All will have a clip that you can clip directly to your waist or handbag.

There are the 3 sizes of bags that we make. You can add the matching glass case  and a double or single change purse.   

Our fabric bags are still  upholstery fabric. We line them with a heavier fabric to give them body and durability. They are very economical

With the denim you can accessorize too!

The  landscape and nautical bags line are expanding every day.

We have brought back the Leather that we started with 30 years ago.